- medical school, "we see in its cruelest form the
vival of the fittest. Not the smartest, as one should
, pecl. But the fittest to cope with the inhuman
:- :essures, the demand made not only on the brain but
_ 1
the psyche . , . " From, "Doctors," by Erich Segal.
: inal exams are just another example of the
:- ressure medical students are forced to endure
_:l d first year students have the added stress of
·...c ing the unknown. Although at times they
:-ee l they just won't make it, most survive and
: 0me back for more.
Sleep is scarce during final
exams. Willie Wallace catches
up on his during a study
Gerald Rana takes a break
from anatomy lab to visit with
second year student, Von
Final exams take a lot out of
you as evidenced by James
Dunn, Mark Buetner, Diane
Gamble, and Marshall Rea.
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