The night we had all looked forward to had finally arrived
... The COM-OSU annual Christmas Ball. Students who,
~ n ly
that morning had straggled in to take their last final
::xam, were now dressed in tuxedos and sequins. Spirits
ere so high you would never have guessed how little sleep
many of those students had gotten in the previous two
:\lthough everyone was excited about the party, most were
celebrating the completion of their first semester in medical
hool. What an accomplishment! There were times along
' he way when the students were certain they would not
make it, but the Ball signified the fact that they had.
2n evening the Class of 1995 will never forget.
Can you believe this is the owner of those
disgusting green scrubs? Mike Gietzen shows
us a new side of himself as he and his wife
await dinner.
Paula McQueen and her date share a quiet
moment together before dinner. Those mo­
ments are few and far between when you are a
medical student.
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