First year medical students . . .. What
do the professors think of this unique
breed of people? When asked for one
word to describe first year students, the
faculty gave varied, and sometimes un­
printable, responses. Awesome, relaxed,
tense, dumbfounded, and terrified (or
was that terrifying) were only a few of
the colorful responses.
Certainly the first year of medical school
is a difficult one, but instructing these
"wet-behind-the-ears" students is not a
job to be envied. The members of the
Class of 1995 come from a variety of
backgrounds: academically, socially,
and culturally.
The first year instructors take the first
step toward preparing these students for
National Boards and the continuation of
their medical education. None do it
better than the professors at COM-OSU.
Dr. John answers questions for Mike Gietzen
before a parasitology lecture.
Stephanie Forbes
Diane Gamble
Mark Gerstberger
Mike Gietzen
Kent Griffith
James Hart
Donna Hill
Scott Jones
Richard McAfee
Paula McQueen
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