The 3rd annual talent show was held
Saturday, September 21. Diana DeFelice,
D.O. (opposite page, upper right photo)
acted as emcee. Khanh Vu (right)
performed the Concert Etude
D flat
major "Un Sospiro" by Franz List, and with
Davin Haraway on violin, the Concerto in
A minor for Violin and Piano, Opus 3 no. 6
by Antonio Vivaldi. OUf vocalists were
Diana Rea (opposite page, lower right)
"Love in Any Language," and Terri Nickel
"Cry, When God Ran" (opposite page,
lower left).
Below, Dr. DeFelice lip syncs "Love Toy"
with the help oCher dynamic ,dancers (inset)
Marshall Rea, Scott Sadeghi, and James
Additional vocal solos were performed by
Glen Knowles and Janice Moreland. The
show was sponsored by Shields Piano and
Music Company, Tulsa.
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