Usually Dad takes
Annette to the
carousel at
Woodland Hills.
But summer is that
special time to
spend with Mom,
Tonya Surrridge.
The halls are nearly empty as the sun toasts the lawn of COM-OSU.
We say farewell to three friends, Dr. Clyde Jensen, Dr. William RobĀ­
ertson, and Mr. Terry Boucher and say hello to a new friend, Dr.
Thomas Allen.
A few hardy souls attend classes or work in the labs. Others are out on
rotations or just out having fun (bottom/center: Doug Moreland can
hardly wait for his turn at bat at an Atlas softball game).
The orientation committee is hard at work, however. Evidence of their
efforts on the orientation film appear on the cross-walk in late July
(right). The most excellent and triumphant video dudes, Jeff and Jim,
edited the film for the Class of 1994 (extreme right).
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