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Ann Shelby, Editor
Kelly VanGilder, Freshman Section Editor
Computer Operators: Terri Nickel and Ann Shelby
Photographers: Mary Ann Austin, Annette Ervin,
Eddie Shackleford, and Ann Shelby
Dark Room Technicians: David Chorley, Eddie
Shackleford, Ann Shelby and Kelly VanGilder
Copywriters: Jim Morgan, Terri Nickel, Marshall
Rea, Ann Shelby, and Kelly VanGilder
Finance and Advertising sales: Jeanie Jobson and
Ann Shelby; Sponsors: William Meek, Ph.D., and
Linda Plemons .
Special thanks to our sponsors for putting up with
the hell of being Yearbook sponsor.
Special thanks to the
following who assisted in
various ways:
Judy Sather Bounds. George Brenner. Ph.D.• Evon Clark.
Robin Dyer. David East. Chayne Fisher. Louise Hamilton.
Davin Haraway, Ethel Vasquez Harmon, David Henderson.
Ph.D.• Victoria Nco. Daniel Overack. Ph.D.• Carolyn
Plummer. Kenneth Roberts. Angelene Stewail. Ellen Stockton.
Khanh Vu and Gary Williams.
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