The Convocation Crowd. Row I: Yvonne
Heyel, Terri Nickel, Robin Dyer, Brenda
Cleland; row 2. Brenda Randolph, John
Loose. Angelene Stewart, Chris Covington,
Daniel Novinski, Michelle Barlow. Kelly
Shrum. Ethel Vasquez-Barmon, and Davin
Kelly Shrum is in awe over the deluxe five­
star accommodations at the Broadmoor.
Terri Nickel
We were hanging around getting antsy
about leaving for Colorado Springs. The
MSl's moaned about the pharm and path
tests, while the MSII's dreaded the GU test
coming up.
We were looking forward to getting a sec­
ond week of spring break and the opportu­
nity of "sitting at the feet of the masters" as
Dr. Yates described the experience of Con­
We were fortunate to speak and work with
the authors of the textbooks we know and
love. At the "Evening of the Moons,"
students from across the country shared
techniques unique to their schools.
The next evening was "Evening with the
Stars," where the doctors attended lectures
on "Low Back Pain."
In the afternoons, labs were offered on new
techniques of treating low back pain.
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