The gathering of stones ,refers
the building of a
house, Dr.,
Thomas Allen is the cornerstone of oUf new house 'at COM.QSU.
Dr. Allen is pictured here on a training exercise with the 702d Medical
Clearing Company at Fort Meade in August of 1987.
Congratulations to each of you, members of the Class of
Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic
Through your dedication and diligence, you now
Jom nearly one thousand Osteopathic Physicians who as
alumni of our college are contributing to the health care
needs of tens of thousands of people throughout this
country and abroad. In less than two decades, we have
at the College of Osteopathic Medicine a proud
of excellence with our students consistently
sconng at the top among all other osteopathic medical
students. The Class of 1992 has upheld this standard of
with our dedicated faculty, you have probed
the mystenes of the human body and its workings. You
have explored the phenomenon of life itself and marvelled
at the potential of.the human spirit. You have experienced
and shared the heights and the depths of emotion as you
cared for your patients and worked with your classmates
to begin the mastery of our art and science.
You have had the opportunity to become the finest, most
completely educated and prepared physician the world has
ever known. You have at your disposal the highest
technology developed and the latest techniques available.
And, you are grounded in the knowledge of the principles
of health promotion and disease prevention. Your skill in
the application of osteopathic principles in the approach to
any and all of the problems that your patients bring to you
enable you to be eminently successful.
Yet with all the preparation and with all the knowledge
and skill you now possess, new developments and new
concerns will make continual learning essential to your
Your graduate medical education path will
mamtam the momentum and you will develop the
techniques of lifelong learning. The challenges are great
but the rewards are immeasurable. We are proud of each
and everyone of you. Best wishes for every personal and
professional success!
Thomas Wesley Allen, D.O.
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