(Right) Katherine M. Berry, Patient Account Clerk
II, and Heather M. Younger, Medical Claims
McIntosh. Licensed Practical
Clerk. (Below) Grace Copeland, Patient
AdmiLtance Clerk
Mike Foster, Coordinntor of Clinic Laboratories, and Neeru Shaw.
Ot{j-COM -~
The wonderful folks at our clinic are usually shy or just too busy to have their
photo taken for the yearbook. These pages show just a few of the hardworking
clinic personnel in action.
The lower right photo (opposite page) shows construction in progress that
began in December, 1991. The expansion will accommodate eleven patient
examining rooms, fourteen physician/faculty offices and new pharmacy area,
and will double the size of the student study area, business office, patient
waiting area, medical records area, nurse station, clinical laboratory and
consultation rooms.
Construction of this expansion means the College is fulfilling its first priority
in the campus master plan. The new addition will increase the teaching
capability to the College's medical students and will allow the Clinic to provide
health care to more patients.
(Left to right) Bob Hudson, Security; Mike Loghry. Security; Scott Petty, OSU Representative; Denrell Williams, Security; JoAnn Williams, SecUIity.
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