Ab.f1MPit FtJlWtYZfJJ£, O. O.
Afsaneh is one of the most diligent and persevering people I have ever
met. She's an excellent student and will make an excellent physician.
From Norman, Oklahoma
NuiwIo.& G1f1ffiM" D.O.
Nick, you live the life set forth by the poem "The Road Not Taken"
by Robert Frost. You chose the road less traveled by, and that has
made all the difference in my life, the lives of your classmates, and
many more lives ahead. You are a good family man, and a good
friend. You will be a great physician.
From Midwest City, Oklahoma
f/tJaMg f/a,
Dong has been a close classmate and dependable friend. His ability to
short-term the hell out of school, and learn it, really amazes me. All I
can say is "Hey, good thing we're not graded on our English." Good
luck in all you do, buddy!
From Muskogee, Oklahoma
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