He's young, compulsive, intelligent and sometimes a pain. But what
the heck, he's still a damn good friend. Brian's determination and
ability to do well under pressure is impressive. If he can be one-half
the doc that he has been a friend, his success will be unmeasurable.
Best of luck to one of the best friends I've ever known.
From Ada, Oklahoma
Brenda is quiet, but often her quietness is louder than words. She has
an inner strength and conviction that is rarely seen today. She takes
the time to make sure things are done right. These qualities are what
will make her a fine doctor.
From Yukon, Oklahoma
Elise is an excellent example of the fact that a woman can really have
everything. She is a mother, grandmother and soon to be physician.
She is someone I am proud to call a friend, a classmate, and a peer.
See you at the "top," Elise.
From Los Angeles, California
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