Pat Ellis
Rich Fitzgerald
Stephanie Forbes
Mark Gerstberger
Mike Gietzen
Kent Griflin
Jim Hart
Donna Hill
Scott Jones
Richard McAfee
Paula Mcqueen
Doug Menz
Who's the student most
likely to graduate via cor­
respondence ... John
Chiaffitelli. Many of you
may not know him. He's
that guy that shows up on
test day and for OPoP lab.
Yes, he is a member of the
class of 1995 so don't be
shocked if he is sitting
next to you at graduation .
Jorge De La Chapa .. .
what can I say about him.
He is the guy you thought
was so sweet and quiet.
you don't know
Jorge, take the time to get
to know him. He has a
great sense of humor and
he is NOT quiet.
Take a close look at this
face because this is some­
one you would want to
treat your loved ones. Jim
Hart is a good student
and person and he'll go
far in the osteopathic pro­
fession .
Donna Hill is the fe­
male coun terpart to
John Chiaffitelli. Yes,
she is a bona fide mem­
ber of the class of 1995.
She may get her degree
by correspondence but
I have no doubt she
will have a long and
successful career in os­
teopathic medicine.
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