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making a difference
The end is in site. After years of study, sleepless nights, and
taking exams, we can fmally call ourselves MSIVs.
only yesterday, we were sitting in orientation, nervously
surveying the room. We wondered who the "smart" students
were, who would still be around to graduate with us, and who
we would develop friendships with. Many relationships
developed since that August day in 1989. We developed
lasting friendships and some of us were lucky enough to find
our soul mates.
Doug Moreland, hi s wife, and
Kevin Fisher and Sabra Schnee­
Kathy Mayhew attended the pre­
graduation awards banquet on Fri­
Fisher share a moment of wed­
day night before graduation on Sat­
ded bliss during a break from
board reviews.
Does this look familiar? It's funny
how people fall back into the same
old routines after being away for a
year. Kevin Carter, Damon Baker,
and Doug Moreland break from
board reviews in the "pong" room.
Now, as we enter our fourth year of medical school, things
are very different, yet not so different. Some of us who
were single when we started medical school are married
(some even to other members of the class), others of us are
now parents, and others of us have lost loved ones in the
past three years. But through it all, some things have not
and will never change. All of us came here with a dream
to become osteopathic physicians and to make a difference
the world. Finally, that dream is about to come true.
Damon Baker received the Lemmon
Pharmaceuticals Certificate of
Connie Roberts is all smiles
Achievement at the awards banquet
in her graduation garb.
preceding graduation.
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