Hillcrest Health Center
isn't what
it used to be...
An Oste(lpathic Institution
2129 S.w. 59th Street· Oklahoma City, OK 73119
In fact, you may not even recognize us!
For the past two years, Hillcrest Health
Center has been busy updating the hospital and
enhancing the services we offer our
patients-including our new Sleep Diagnostic
Our LaborlDelivery and Recovery birthing
rooms are beautifully decorated in a home-like
setting centered around the family birth
But that's not all.
Our new emergency department is scheduled
to open April, 1993 and will include six private
exam rooms, one obstetrical exam room, two
large areas equipped to handle trauma, a nurse's
station, and a new entrance, lobby, and waiting
Although we are updating our technology and
services. the quality care you receive from our
physicians and staff remains the same.
Hillcrest Health Center - bette:- than ever!
• Main Hospital. 685-6671
• Medical Education· 680-2180
• Administration· 680-2100
• Physician Relations· 680·2034
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