Student Life
• • •
Life at OSU-COM means long days, sleepless nights, and pot
after pot of coffee. We spend hours of our day learning about
the perils of consuming too much caffeine (and other such
substances) just to march out of the lecture hall, straight to
the Amish Kitchen to order an extra-large cup of hot, black
coffee. Many of us feel we could never survive the life of a
medical student without our daily overdose of caffeine.
We also learn how important it is to eat right and get plenty
of sleep ... RIGHT! Whoever wrote that rule never went to
medical school. For most of us, eating right is out of the
question - either we don't have time or we're just too darn
Either Scott Sadeghi is hav­
Connie Wilson takes advantage of
ing a GREAT time or the
every free moment to cram more
stress has finally gotten to
minutia into her overworked brain.
him. Which is it, Scott?
Serious decisions are made in the
srudent lounge every day ... like
where will we eat lunch, are we
going to class today, etc. Third year
students will choose a round of pool
over class any day.
making a difference
And as for getting enough sleep . . . . . . enough said.
Although medical school involves a lot of hard work, it is
also a time for making close friends, and even having fun
.now and then. There are those times when you've spent so
much time with someone studying for exams, that you feel
comfortable saying things that you never could have
imagined saying before medical school. Medical students
come up with some pretty sick jokes that only they
understand, and it's all a part of a bonding with each other
that will last forever. Someday, in spite of the stress,
financial ruin, and physical exhaustion, I know we'll look
back on these as the "good
days" .
Phil Murta seems to be picking
For Steve Claus, and most other
upperclassman Cheryl Boyd's
OSU-COM students, the vend­
brain. "Sorry, Bud ... mine is
ing machine selection process is
all picked out."
serious business.
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