O:)hb . . . ice cream is milk, right? And the chocolate
must have something worthwhile
it. James Dunn
to rationalize his snack.
Hail to Dr. Banschbach, 0 Great Guru of
:"'utrition Wisdom. Although some students
e drawn more to mastering the knowledge
. hind the expert, it is doubtful that anyone
- uld argue the importance of such subject
matter. Nutritional information and analysis
_re invaluable tools to add to any conscien­
:ious doctor's "bag of tricks." In Dr. B's class,
-[ is possible to learn many helpful tips in
eating patients holistically and economi­
::all y.
However, students also have a chance to
evaluate their own health habits in order to
J.ecome good examples to their patients.
Thanks to these Kodak moments, here are
me supplemental tidbits that Dr.
.::lave forgotten to mention (or intentionally left
Even in this era of a health­
conscious nation, Ed re­
minds us of where our true
loyalties lie.
Instead of doing push-ups,
Neal and Kent are doing
push-outs. Notice the fine
definition appearing in these
well-sculptured "abs".
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