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The Clubs
making a difference
From SOMA to ATLAS to Delta Omega, there is a club for
everyone at OSU-COM. Club involvement is an important
aspect of life
medical school. Not only does membership
in these clubs provide students a way of making connections
in the osteopathic community, it provides a welcome break
from the endless days of lectures, labs, and studying. Many
of the clubs arrange for representatives from their organiza­
tion to attend state and national conventions.
Connie Wilson and Sheryl Neuok at
a Sigma Sigma Phi meeting.
What a bunch of party animals. Dr.
Finn, Dr. Cherry, John Weddle,
Rick Schumacher, Layne Subera,
Phil Newman, Hilton McDonald,
and Bruce Donavan (the drug rep
who paid for dinner) found a special
moment to do some male-bonding.
The group went to San Diego for the
American Osteopathic Association
meeting in November.
Bob Tyler enjoys the phallic
symbol (oops!) ... his
breadstick at a club meeting. I
guess he must have had a behav­
ioral test today.
Florida, California, and Shangri La are only a few places
OSU-COM students have visited for club function ...
what a rough way to spend some time away from school.
Finally, the clubs at OSU-COM encourage community
involvement among their members. Several of the clubs
sponsor the osteopathic run, others organized a toy drive
for underprivileged kids at Christmas, and high school
students benefited from a visit from OSU-COM students.
Phil Murta enjoys dinner at the
Sigma Sigma Phi initiation.
Who is that masked man? Alan
Podawiltz takes the surgery club
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