First year, Rick Brock, is ready to get his
hands on all that information. Can't wait
to see his face in May.
Fro", OCO./US to
CO./U-OSU to
OSU-CO}v(. we've come a
10/lq wav si/lce
rhe doors ofrhe 8th
osreopatltic medical
colle(N opened.
ofseveral /lame c/lanqes.
the qoal ofthe colleqe has
never wai17ered. The
Oklaholl1a Srate
Universitv Colleqe of
Osreopathic ./Uedicine
educares stllJents ro excel
as pllVsicians so theV mav
collfinue }.{akillq a
Di(ferellce il1 the medical
Laura Miller, Donna VanS­
Ryan Wood and Todd
chuyver, Scarlett Custer, Robinett enjoy studying
and Mary Ann Austin learn outside.
to start IVs. Luckily, they
don't have to use each oth­
er's arms.
Mark Duncan checks a fi­
nal grade and breathes a
sigh of relief.
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