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making a difference
There are many students who realize that the job of
molding a diverse group of students into successful physi­
cians is no easy task. All too often, we forget what a difficult
job teaching really can be. Our professors must decide what
to teach, and often more importantly, what not to teach.
They have the undeniably difficult responsibility of present­
ing a month's worth of material in one hour and even more
impossible, making it interesting.
Their ultimate goal is to prepare the students for clinical
rotations and at the same time, get them ready for national
board exams.
the performance of OSU-COM students on
boards in the past is any indication, our instructors are a
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Dr. Jarolim can't wait to get
couldn't avoid the yearbook photog­
his hands on those new first
raphers this time.
year students.
raging success.
Still, there are those few students who feel that instructors
utilize the classroom as an opportunity to vent their
frustrations. Have a bad night? .... No problem, give a
pop quiz - over the material you plan to lecture on next
week. You may think instructors exist for the sole purpose
of making medical school like sheer torture. But the next
time your "favorite" instructor throws an eraser at an
unsuspecting (snoozing) student or humiliates a late
arrival - keep this in mind. Although you think you abhor
them now, someday you' ll thank them.
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self-esteem is one thing, Dr.
Creekmore and Linda Mitchell
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enjoy their lunch together.
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Dr. Mark Mitchell joins Dr. Craig
Stevens in a celebration of his
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