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"POW!" The gun goes off and you break out of the blocks.
Millions of thoughts rush through your mind as you realize
the race has just begun. All of your plans for success in this
race suddenly become tested; however, you know you must
give this thing every bit of energy you can muster in order to
complete the race.
Your first thought is setting the pace. "I must get momentum
for these upcoming hurdles! I have got to get my rhythm
going to that I don't fall flat on my face!" Your instinct tells
you to set your sights on the finish line, but your common
sense says "Watch out for that first hurdle, dummy!"
Your pulse increases, your concentration becomes intense.
Soon you focus only on the race, nothing else matters! Then,
just as you feel the sweat popping out on your forehead,
"Crunch ... Wham!"
I cleared the first hurdle! Oh, sweet ecstasy! ... Get the
Oh, no! I never got that booger
Rhonda Casey still has a smile!
off my finger! Eric Reed
Happy first years: The Pre-Taylor
Era featuring Danny Sone with his
girl friend, John Tran, and Girish
Everyone heard the "warnings" of the first semester. Most
said that it would be over in a flash. They were right about
that. Now we find ourselves over the first hurdle, going on
to finish the race for 1996. Most of us have the momen­
tum, and are gaining on the rhythm. The intensity is
building, and we frequently ask ourselves, "Can I main­
tain this pace for four years?" The answer to that question
... "Absolutely!"
You see, you have run a race much like this before, it is
just another "heat". The race has other names like: "high
school"; "college"; "pre-med". This is another facet of our
lives with the added benefit of more experience, character,
and determination, compared to the previous races.
So, as you look back on the first hurdle, remember all the
hurdles you have gotten through before this race. Then
"run with endurance the race set before you" and win!
I'm sure Brian Smith has uneven
Randy Williams sure has that
scapular spines from that per­
blank stare so typical of first
manent fixture on his shoulder.
year students down pat.
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