Joel A, Adkisson
Brent Bartgis
Loring "Buddy" Barwick, Jr.
Although we all had, our personal battles to
fight in order to get into medical school,
"Steven Claus'
stands out as,someone who
really did things the hard way.
.. Although for years hewilpted
be adoctor
j '
he had' not , taken any ,biology 'or organic '"
chemistry in·coUege.Still,Steve put in his late '
application ' '-to take the September 1991
MCAT,leaving himselfjust two weeks
" study.
After taking the McAT, he still had to taKe
those pre-requisites before he could attend ,
medical sQhooL
he, secretly enrolled in 8,
hours ofcourse work, taking timeout from a
'50-60 hour-a-week job as Direc­
tOT of Research fOT a Miami-based commercial
real estate
and consulting compal1Y (I
' re,ad about him in the New York Timesbnce.)
Only his secretary found out, despite Steve
coming in an hour and a halflatdwicea week
after biology class.
" This was during the spring semester. " In 'a
., single two week periOd,Steve also took five
vacation days and three days of unpaid leave
in ,order to go to five medical school
views. This "raised a few eyebrows," but it '
worked olit OK, and inMarch, he received his
•first acceptanCe. ' He resigned on .April 11,
,giving four weeks notice, but cOl)titlued work­
lng 20-30 hours a week after that, while taking
five Summer cOlirses(10 credit hours),to
'finish the requiI;ed courses.
This WaS Mrd work,but manageable, except
that the courses ended August 4, and school
, started here on July 27.
Well, as we know, Steve was ableto work that
out with his professors,', Amljust in time. Two
weeks later, the hurricane hitMiami, destroy­
ing homes of many of Steve's friends. ,But '
Steve was "safe"in Tulsa. Way to go Steve!
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