I think nearly all of us would agree that major changes took place in our lives between our first interview at OSU-COM
and the end of our first semester. We experienced growth in many areas. Let's follow a typical example, Tim Ownbey,
whose progress through first semester was recorded on film.
In the spring of 1992, Tim smiled nervously as Joe Charais showed him the campus
on interview day.
In July, some of that nervousness was gone, re­
placed with eager anticipation and happiness at
having finally "made it" to medical school.
Then as the semester progressed, the endless hours
of studying piled on top of one another ...
Until finally, after a period of intense personal growth,
Tim looked like this.
Actually, we don't know if Tim's beard was related to his
personal growth or not. But we do know that we all learned a
lot. And there were very few, if any, that finished that semester,
and the first year, without feeling that we had made a major
transition in life.
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