2nd year
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making a difference
There is a mysterious virus that attacks all second year
medical students. Researchers have yet to isolate this elusive
virus, but we do know that the primary presenting complaint
is apathy. Whatever the cause of this "apathy syndrome"
may be, it has reached epidemic proportions in this year's
second year class - the class of 1995. While obtaining a
complete history from the few students who could drag
themselves out of their stupor long enough to talk with me,
I discovered some common symptoms associated with this
grave condition. Many of the subjects report feeling sluggish,
lethargic, and just downright blah! The students seem
completely disinterested in being second year students. They
seem to live only for the day they will be third year students.
Perhaps MSIIs are predisposed to becoming infected with
Michael Barton looks like he's stud­
ying, but when no one is looking he
"I can't believe I passed!"
actually uses the OP&P tables to
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the class his shock.
this virus by their lack of purpose in life. First year
students live to prove to themselves and to others that they
can survive medical school; third year students are filled
with anticipation of beginning their rotations; and we all
know what fourth year students live for - GRADUA­
TION DAY! What do second year students have to
motivate them? Hour after thrilling hour glued to a chair
listening to systems lectures. I don't know about you, but
I can think of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of things
that I'd rather be doing. I guess our only choice is to wait
for the only known cure for this "apathy syndrome" to
work its magic. On May 13, all the second year students
will experience a resolution of this syndrome as abrupt as
its onset. They will no longer be MSIIs, and they will
resume life with a purpose.
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Andy DeSonia, where'd you get
benzodiazapines?" says former
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pharmacist, Gerald Rana.
Phil Newman trusts Darci Decker
to cast his arm while Carol Sherman
stands by, eager to assist. Why stop
with his arm, girls?
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