The "Cleanest Bowel"
award for the class of 1995
goes to handy David
Chorley. Who needs that
pesky mesentery cluttering
up their specimen anyway?
Lou "Evil Kneevil" Price
wowed the class with her
amazing stunt driving - make
that stunt-wrecking. We are
thankful she arose from the
smoke intact and victorious.
Unfortunately we can't say
the same for her car or the
The "Largest-Volume-Of­
From-The-Mouth" award
goes to none other than Scott
Sadeghi. Only those behind
him were spared from that
horrendous sneeze.
What can we learn from
Diane Pontious' experience
with fluorescent pink fiber­
glass. Wear gloves when us­
ing fiberglass - unless, of
course, you believe magenta
palms are a lovely accessory
to any outfit.
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