Commitment To The Future
ulsa Regional Medical Center has been a
health care leader for a half century, and it
will continue its role as an innovative hospital
in the years ahead.
The recent opening of the new Ambulatory
Care Center demonstrates our concern for the
future. More and more health care is being
delivered on an outpatient basis; this new
facility positions us as a pacesetter.
The newAmbulatory Care
Center includes Tulsa's
most modern emergency
medicine complex, as well
as many other services.
Since its very earliest days, the hospital has
been a significant force in medical education.
Currently, there are well over a hundred interns
and residents in training at Tulsa Regional, and
it also is a hub for externs who are compleĀ­
menting their medical school classes with
invaluable hospital experience. We are proud
of the thousands of Doetors of Osteopathy who
we have helped to train.
For more information about Tulsa Regional, contact
Dan Fieker, D.o., ChiefMedical Officer andDirector ofMedical Education.
744 West Ninth -Tulsa, OK 74127
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