l£mergencg Medicine
Emergency Medicine Club members
shown below: First Row: Brandon
Conkling, Michelle Webster, Melanie
Baughn, Lisa McReynolds, Rhonda
Casey, Jules Prichard and Stan Sherman;
Back Row West Depew, Sean Smith,
Brent Bartgis, Bruce McDonald , Drew
Crawford, Tim Ownbey, Randy Williams,
Brian Smith, Steve Claus.
Dr. Askins, emergency physician at Hillcrest Health Center in Okla­
homa City, speaks with Darrin Webster following a noon Emergency
Medicine Club meeting.
Bruce McDonald smiles as he is the winner of this therapy table raffled
off by UAAO club. Behind him are UAAO officers Chris Blevins, Buddy
Barwick, Brian Smith, Ron Cable and Pam Jarrett.
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