Sports Mecficine
First Row : Melanie Baughn, Pamela
Bowling, Randy Ruggles; 2nd Row: Ron
Cable, Girish Paranjape, Wes Stotler;
Top Row Matt Dowell, Larry Dullye,
Bruce Cornett, Elizabeth Stoddart, Tanya
Thome, J.A. Bare, Sean O'Brien, Lorri
Dobbins, Rick Brock.
Christian Mecfica{ Society
The goal of Christian Medical So­
ciety is to assist and encourage its
members as they incorporate their
faith into the practice of medicine.
First Row: Don Brown , Mrs .
Sanny, Dr. Sanny, Jody Kendall,
Julie Sowerby, Fred and Stephani
Perkins, Sherry 0' Donnell; Back
Row: Bruce McDonald, Grady
Miller, Todd Robinette and friend.
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