More than ever in the one-hundred year history of osteopathic medicine, osteopathic medical students and
osteopathic physicians are on the front line of America's health care delivery system.
Osteopathic medical schools enjoy a wealth of highly qualified and well motivated applicants and Doctors of
Osteopathic Medicine are poised in high places sharing their abundant leadership abilities.
D.O.'s in Oklahoma and throughout the United States are faithful to their heritage in providing medical services
to under-served populations, as well as to the privileged. This is the front line of medicine in America!
is essential that osteopathic medical students, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, and the entire osteopathic
medical community remain involved in the political, societal, scientific, and organizational struggles which impro "e
health care. We then are on the sharp cutting edge of medical progress and if true to our training and philosophy,
will experience the significant difference a D.O. makes and be proud to be a member of the premier profession:
Osteopathic Medicine.
Bob E. Jones, CAE
Executive Director, Oklahoma Osteopathic Association
On The Line
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