Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Vision and Goals

  • Morgellons is a multi-system disease of unknown etiology
  • Morgellons disease is discounted as psychiatric illness or other skin condition by many public health officials and physicians
  • Physical and neurological symptoms are often dismissed or ignored
  • Sufferers are labeled with delusions of parasites or neurotic excoriations from obsessively picking at the skin
  • OSU-CHS physicians/researchers have physical evidence of Morgellons Disease
    • Morgellons is not psychiatric in origin
    • Morgellons is an emergent disease
    • Tangible fibers are found in Morgellons lesions

The Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease will facilitate successful research, treatment and an eventual cure for Morgellons Disease.


The Center has three central goals:

Research Goals

  • Tissue bank and specimen repository at OSU-CHS
    • Centralized collection site for samples
    • Cataloging of Morgellons-related specimens
    • Storage for future studies
  • Epidemiology of Morgellons Disease
    • Patient registrations on OSU-server
    • Formal epidemiological studies; initiated at OSU-CHS
      • Collaborate with public health officials and other universities
  • Biomedical research
    • Microscopic, chemical and spectroscopic analyses
    • Survey of microbiological populations
    • Explore possible links with environmental or genetic factors
    • Identify the cause of Morgellons Disease

Clinical Goals

  • Improve the quality of life of Morgellons sufferers
    • Diagnostic evaluations
    • Treatment of associated symptoms
    • Partner with mental health professionals/organizations to participate in treatment
      • Offer hope for the future
      • Reduced number of suicides
  • Refine the case definition
    • Increased physician participation/observations
  • Identify optimal diagnostic markers
  • Develop optimal treatment protocols
  • Cure Morgellons Disease

Educational Goals

  • Public education about Morgellons Disease
    • Disseminate future clinical information to the public
  • Educate public health officials
    • Disseminate information to city/county, state and CDC officials
  • Continuing medical education of physicians
  • Research/treatment seminars
  • Annual conference for presentation of research and clinical progress
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