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Jan. 30, 2014

OSU Regents Professor to discuss endocannabinoids at seminar


OSU Regents Professors Carey Pope, Ph.D., will discuss his research on endocannabinoids during the OSU-CHS’ First Friday Seminar on Feb. 7 at noon in the Dunlap Auditorium.

The Sitlington Chair in Toxicology and head of the Department of Physiological Sciences at the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Pope will present “Endocannabinoids, nano-scavengers and organophosphate toxicity.” The endocannabinoid system is involved in a variety of physiological processes like appetite, pain sensation, mood and memory. The lecture will focus on the use of nanotechnology as a means of preventing toxicity following exposure to organophosphates, either in the form of a pesticide or a weapon of terrorism.

Pope leads the Neurotoxicology Laboratory, part of the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program at OSU, which involves biochemical, neurobehavioral and analytical chemistry approaches to understand the effects of xenobiotics on neurological function. His area of research includes the role of endocannabinoids in the expression of neurotoxicity, long-term behavioral effects following acute intoxications and the pharmacology and toxicology of synthetic nanomaterials.


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