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March 3, 2016

OSU-CHS research aimed at improving evidence-based medicine curriculum


An Oklahoma State University Center for Health Science researcher is looking for the best way to train medical students to assess and evaluate advances in medical research in order to provide optimum health care to future patients.

“Medicine is developing rapidly just like every other field in our culture,” said Warren Finn, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmacology and physiology. “The value of evidence-based medicine in our program is that it teaches students the skills and knowledge to keep up with their field as it changes.”

Evidence-based medicine refers to the systematic review and evaluation of scientific research to use in determining the most current treatment options for patients.

OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine incorporates evidence-based medicine training within its curriculum. The curriculum is designed to help medical students develop skills in critical thinking and database analysis.

“Our goal is to train medical students to have the skills and knowledge to keep up with rapid advancements in technology, genetics and medical science,” Finn said. “We want to produce physicians who are prepared for lifelong learning.”

His team of researchers – including a behavioral scientist and two medical librarians – are analyzing students’ attitudes about the subject before and after taking the class. The results will help shape the way evidence-based medicine is taught so that medical students are best prepared to utilize the skills as physicians.

“It is really important for the future of medical care that physicians have the ability to utilize resources and skills as the knowledge of medicine advances,” he said. “The ability to keep up with the latest information is a foundation for providing the best quality health care to patients.”

Learn more about research at OSU-CHS at the Research Spotlight website.

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