New QT coming to SW Boulevard
Tulsa County News
April 4, 2012

By Tracy LeGrand

The southeast corner of West 23rd Street and Southwest Boulevard will be the site of a new QuikTrip, according to officials including James Hess, chief operating officer for the OSU Center for HealthSciences.

"Much needed due diligence" is taking place at the site, across the street from a McDonalds Restaurant, according to QuikTrip spokesperson Mike Thornbrough.

There is no estimated time of completion for the site, said Thornbrough. The area is particularly troublesome in terms of underground utilities, access, medians and environmental concerns but the company is going forward with "all the things you have to do in the beginning to make it happen eventually."

All new QuikTrip sites currently under construction and henceforth are in the larger, "Gen3" style, as long as the lot in question supports a store of that size, Thornbrough said.

Hess said the property is officially being sold to QuikTrip via the Oklahoma State University Board of Regents, which is the governing body for the entire OSU system.

"We are in the process of selling property," Hess said. "We have been interested in helping in the revitalization of that area as there are not many fuel and convenience options on Southwest Boulevard and so when QuikTrip approached the advisory board we were excited about it."

The 1.85-acre property will sell for about $800,000 cash in a deal that will include an extension of an OSU clinic parking lot just west of the site in question, said Hess. The site is actually many lots needing consolidation or vacating which is part of the complicated legalities.

"We have tried to work into the initial designs how it will sit in that high traffic corridor," said Hess. "We wanted to make sure there was good access whether coming north on Southwest Boulevard or west on 23rd St. There will be some better opportunities to turn in from both directions so that can help ease traffic flow."

In other QuikTrip news, March 28 was the break-ground date for a long-anticipated QuikTrip going in at the site of the former Camelot Hotel at 4956 S. Peoria Ave., Thornbrough told Tulsa County News on Wednesday. It is set to be completed by September or October.

A July target date is still in effect for opening the QuikTrip under construction at 51st Street and Union Avenue, said Thornbrough.

With 60-foot signage visible for the highway, added gasoline bays, more parking, outdoor seating and other features, the location will attract both local users and travelers on the nearby highway.