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OSU Center for Health Sciences News

thursday, april 21, 2016

First-year medical students get valuable lesson in communication at preschool

First-year medical students Marshall Taylor, left, Raymee Schelkoph, Shelby Massey, Vinh Vu, Mitchell Raymond and Kailey Shuler teach 4-year-olds the importance of washing hands properly at McClure Early Childhood Center last Tuesday. Greg Schubert is not pictured, but also participated.
First-year medical students Marshall Taylor, left, Raymee Schelkoph, Shelby Massey, Vinh Vu, Mitchell Raymond and Kailey Shuler teach 4-year-olds the importance of washing hands at McClure Early Childhood Center last Tuesday.

Several OSU-CHS first-year medical students learned about communicating health information to young patients last Tuesday while corralling a group of wiggly and chatty 4-year-olds to talk about washing hands.

“What are germs? Does anyone know?” asked student Kailey Shuler.

“They’re yucky! They’re nasty!” cried out one boy.

The service-learning project was part of Developing the Physician, a three-semester course that includes shadowing non-physician health care providers, meeting with senior mentors, service-learning activities, patient simulations and activities that foster an understanding of the patient and the community. Read more.

Research Spotlight: Paleontologist seeks secret of longevity for ancient mammals

Anne Weil

An OSU-CHS researcher is studying the evolutionary history of one of the world’s longest lasting groups of mammals.

Anne Weil, Ph.D., associate professor of anatomy and vertebrate paleontologist, wants to know how multituberculates – an ancient line of rodent-like mammals that lived during the same time as dinosaurs – radiated after nearly going extinct in the same event that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

“In the late Cretaceous period, they were diverse and distributed across the world,” she said. “Then more than half of them went extinct.”

The fossil record of multituberculates after that event reveals an extensive period of evolutionary change that led to great versatility in their adaptation to the environment. Watch a video of Weil discussing her multituberculate research at the Research Spotlight website. Read more.

Family Fun Day to offer forensic investigations, Teddy Bear Clinic for kids

OSU-CHS and OSU Medical Center managed by Mercy will host a special Family Fun Day on Saturday, May 14 to provide relaxation for students, residents, faculty, staff and their families. The festivities will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at OSU-CHS. The annual Fun Day is being combined this year with OSU-CHS Staff Appreciation Day.

Local band Elaborate Hoax will perform from noon to 2 p.m. and other activities will include a petting zoo, pony rides, magic shows, carnival activities and more. Children are welcome to bring their favorite stuffed animal for the Teddy Bear Clinic. OSU-COM medical students will help diagnose and treat ailments on the teddy bears beginning at 11:30 a.m. in Founders Hall. A limited number of OSU bears will be given away.

Amateur child sleuths can help solve a crime in the forensics investigation and fingerprinting activity at 12:30 p.m. Several local food trucks will be on hand to provide free food, including Meltdown Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Andolini’s Pizzeria, Breenie’Z Soft Pretzels and Shivers Snoballs. For more information about the festival, email OSU-CHS Outreach and Special Events. To RSVP for the event, visit the Family Fun Day webpage.

OSU ACOFP wins humanitarian award, Polk elected national vice president

Sherrita Polk

Third-year medical student Sherrita Polk was elected vice president of the National Student Executive Board of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians recently during the 53rd annual ACOPF convention.

As vice president, she will oversee the performance of all local chapter officers and committees and present unresolved problems to the ACOFP Board of Governors. She also would perform the duties of the national president if that person is unable to do so.

In addition, the OSU student chapter of ACOFP was awarded the humanitarian award. The ACOFP works to promote excellence in osteopathic family medicine through quality education, visionary leadership and responsible advocacy.

OSU-CHS 2016 Faculty and Staff Campaign nears end

The Cowboy Way Faculty and Staff Campaign will wrap up next week, but there is still time remaining to donate and make a difference.

“Every gift of any amount is important,” said Pam Higgins, assistant director of annual giving for the OSU Foundation. “Your participation is what matters most.”

The initiative offers faculty and staff throughout the OSU System the opportunity to give back to the university.

Janifer Hilton, clinical research coordinator, represented OSU-CHS on the campaign’s Executive Committee this year. For more information, contact Hilton or visit the Faculty and Staff Campaign website.