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Office of Educational Development Staff

Machelle Linsenmeyer, Ed.D.
Director, Office of Educational Development
Adjunct Associate Professor of Family Medicine
CHS 249

Machelle Linsenmeyer, Ed.D., has served as the Director for the Office of Educational Development at the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (OSU-COM) since October 2005.  In that capacity, she has overseen many facets related to the educational environment including assessment/surveying, curriculum review, competency tracking, technology, faculty development, program evaluation and educational research.  Dr. Linsenmeyer’s initiatives encompass the entire span of medical education beginning with the first academic year of coursework and ending in the residency or fellowship years.  She is an Adjunct Associate Professor at OSU-COM and an adjunct inistructor at the University of New England COM. She is responsible for a graduate course and a 3rd/4th year elective rotation in educational methods, a graduate course in curriculum assessment, and a graduate course in research methods.

Dr. Linsenmeyer’s research interests span these areas as well.  Her primary area of research has been related to generational differences and how those differences can affect every aspect of the educational environment.  New initiatives have led her to research in the area of competency tracking systems, curriculum development models, and program evaluation models and their effective use in medical education for ensuring desired outcomes.  She is also researching the use of portfolios & case logs in medical education as well as OSTEs for faculty development efforts. Her scholarly interests focus primarily on program evaluation, assessment and development of technologies that help advance student retention of information, and evaluation of instructional methods that promote lifelong learning.

Dr. Linsenmeyer’s published research can be found in such peer-reviewed journals as Journal of Educational Evaluation in Health Professions, American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, Archives of Dermatology and Pharmacy Practice.

Dan Thompson, M.S.
Coordinator of Instructional Design, Assessment and Educational Technology
CHS 232

Dan currently assists faculty in course design and development, while also introducing new methods of utilizing educational technology in the curriculum.  He holds a Master of Science in Technology Enhanced Learning and a Bachelor of Science in Adolescent/Young Adult Education from the University of Dayton.  His background includes teaching at the secondary level and assisting faculty in course design at the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine

Brandy Close, M.S.
Coordinator of Instructional Design, Assessment and Educational Technology
CHS 235A

Brandy is currently responsible for providing faculty, staff and student support in the areas of instructional design, instructional technology and distributed learning. Brandy assists faculty, staff and administrators in the design of instructional materials, development of learning resources and retooling of courses and course segments to alternative delivery methods. Additionally, she provides coordination, professional development and support for a variety of tools/technologies needed for the development of in-house, blended, and online instructional activities. 

Brandy received both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education degree from Texas Christian University.  She is pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Oklahoma State University. She taught Middle and High School Math and Science for 13 years and currently teaches graduate Educational Technology courses at OSU-Stillwater. She served as Curriculum Developer and Instructional Designer for NASA’s Digital Learning Network and NASA’s education project INSPIRE before joining OSU-CHS.

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