Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Room Information and Reservations

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Rooms Available to Reserve

Room Name Occupancy
Computer Projector/
conference phone
Founders Hall 200   x x    
Classrooms (fixed seating)
Dunlap 150 x x x   x
D107 150 x x x x x
D207 80 x x x x x
E378 24 x x x    
(OMM lab)
various x x   x x
(Clinical Skills Lab)
various x x     x
Conference Rooms
A237 16 x x      
D111 10 x x      
D201 22 x x   x  
D211 10 x x      
E102 12 x x   x x
E104 10 x x      
E202 35 x x   x  
E393 12   x   x  
E469 12 x x   x  
E495 12 x x      
G44 (Library) 16 x x   x  
Fourth Floor Board Room 20 x x   x  
Student Study Rooms
D103 8 x x      
D104 8 x x      
D110 8 x x      
D112 8 x x      
D113 8 x x      
D203 8 x x      
D204 8 x x      
D210 8 x x      
D212 8 x x      
D213 8 x x      
Library Rooms
G40 8 x x      
G53 8 x x      
G54 8 x x      
G55 8 x x      
G56 8 x x      
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