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Biological Research Safety - Training

Biological Safety Training (initial and every 3 years thereafter)

Preamble: Educators need to be aware of the risks inherent in using biohazardous materials in the laboratory and must use best practices in applying biosafety practices to minimize the risk to students and the community. The following training is designed to encourage awareness of the risks and protect the health and wellness of our students and educators at OSU-CHS. Most of the biohazardous materials used in a research laboratory are capable of causing an infection given the appropriate circumstances. Biosafety practices should be adopted to minimize the risk of laboratory-acquired infections and to train students in the proper handling of hazardous materials.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative at the University of Miami (CITI) Program's Biosafety series consists of training modules that cover a variety of biosafety practices. These modules address basic information for multiple regulations, standards, and guidelines. Although the modules attempt to provide as much relevant biosafety information to the learner as possible, they are in no way a replacement for the hands on training and experience that those handling biohazards obtain from their principal investigators and/or fellow researchers.

Biosafety Training Instructions (CITI)

  1. Go to www.citiprogram.org.  From the homepage you will find the log in box to the right of the screen. 
  2. Log in with your existing CITI Program username and password. 
    If you have forgotten your username or password you can retrieve them through the "Forgot Username or Password" link. 
  3. If you are new to CITI, click ‘register’ to create a new account. When completing your registration profile, be sure to affiliate with Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences. For further guidance on completing your registration profile, go here.


  1. Under the Main Menu Tab, click on “Add a Course or update Learner Groups.”

Add a Course or Update Learner Groups

  1. On the next page, you are presented with several questions to answer to identify which courses are most applicable to your role. The last question focuses on your role in biosafety.
    • If you are a student or staff, please select “Initial Biosafety training”
    • If you are a faculty member, please select “Initial Principal Investigator training for faculty”
    • Institutional Biosafety Committee Member training is for IBC members only

                Then, click “submit” at the bottom of the page

  1. After you make your course selections, you will be brought to the Main Menu. Click on the blue bar for your Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences courses. You should then see your Course list, as well as your Learner Tools for the institution.

    Click on the title of the course to be brought to the module list for the course. Review the requirements of your course, then proceed to Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement.


After agreeing to the Integrity Assurance Statement, the first module will become available to enter.

Required Modules will become available as you complete them in the order presented.

Elective Modules (if applicable) would become available all at once and may be taken in any order.
Supplemental Modules (optional) would become available after required and elective modules are completed, to be reviewed on a voluntary basis.

Complete the required modules and any associated quizzes. Once you complete the course, you are able to save your CITI completion report as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF file. Print your completion report and keep a copy for your records. Also, forward a copy to your supervisor/mentor. CITI will automatically send a copy of your completion to the Office of Research for filing.
80% is a passing score. Refresher biosafety training will be required every 3 years.



Can I complete a CITI Program course in multiple sessions?
Once you have logged out of the system, your completed module will be saved and you can return to the same place in the course when you choose to return to it. This way you will be able to complete an entire course in a series of sessions.

CITI Program Browsers Versions & Requirements here

Who do I contact for technical support?

For technical support related to the CITI program, you can call the support center at (888) 529-5929 or e-mail them at citisupport@med.miami.edu .

Their support desk is open from 8:30am to 7:30pm EST Monday through Friday. They are closed on all U.S. Federal Holidays.


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