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Geographic information system (GIS) technologies are an important component of the Center's research capabilities. GIS technologies store, manipulate, analyze and display spatially (or geographically) referenced data. While the Center's most common use of GIS is for cartographic production, we also leverage it for more robust spatial analysis.

The Center provides research support and technical assistance to improve rural health care delivery for Oklahoma and other rural states. The Center also works with other specialists to conduct research and develop health care policy to better coordinate rural education and utilization technology.

Please review the maps in this section for an overview of the Center’s programs. Be sure to check back regularly as this page will be updated with any future research findings.

If you would like to use these maps for publication or in a presentation or if you would simply like additional information, please contact Chad Landgraf at 918-584-4376 or chad.landgraf@okstate.edu.