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Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
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A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Medical Academic Building

The heart of OSU Center for Health Sciences is our students. They are the reason our faculty and staff strive each and every day to provide our medical and graduate students with a first-class education. The training capability available in the A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Medical Academic Building will transform medical education for the greater good of Oklahoma. This world class learning facility features active learning classrooms, spacious lecture halls, a state-of-the-art hospital simulation center, student support areas, and an inviting conference center. Medical education in Oklahoma will never be the same.

The hospital simulation center in the Tandy Medical Academic Building is Oklahoma’s largest and most advanced medical simulation center. The hospital simulation center occupies 20,000 square feet and includes 4 simulation suites: ICU, birthing, trauma, and surgery. Each suite is equipped with audio and visual recording and taping capability to provide feedback. The center also boasts an ambulance bay and 4 conference rooms for debriefing. Thousands of medical students, residents, physicians, first responders, and allied health professionals from across the state and region will benefit from the state-of-the-art medical training available within the Tandy Medical Academic Building.


What's inside

First Floor: Hospital Simulation Center

  • Melton Family Surgical Suite
  • Osteopathic Founders Foundation ICU Suite
  • Morningcrest Healthcare Foundation Trauma Suite
  • Birthing Suite
  • Ambulance Bay
  • Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation Lecture Hall
  • Outpatient Clinic Innovation Lab
  • Conference rooms (4)

Second Floor: Clinical Skills

  • Clinical Skills Lab
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Patient Waiting Area
  • Exam Rooms (18)
  • Patient Consultation Rooms (4)

Third Floor: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Lab
  • Tech Free Study Zone
  • Active Learning Classrooms (4)
  • Conference rooms (4)
  • Student study carrels (55)

Fourth Floor: Conference Center

  • Large Conference Center (3,185 sq. ft.)
  • Tiered Lecture Hall
  • Outdoor Balconies (2)

Interested in Renting the Hospital Simulation Center or the Conference Center?

Our hospital simulation is available for external use. To learn more about training opportunities available and pricing, please contact Shelley Houk at medsim@okstate.edu

Our conference center and classrooms are also available for external use. To inquire about availability and pricing, please contact Darin Tyson at darin.tyson@okstate.edu

Donors to the Tandy Medical Academic Building

OSU Center for Health Sciences gratefully acknowledges our generous supporters for creating a learning facility where inspiring minds can grow and develop into tomorrow’s outstanding osteopathic physicians. Gifts from more than 150 of our alumni, friends, community partners, parents, faculty and staff totaled over $11 million to underwrite the construction and equipment costs of the A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Medical Academic Building. May their generosity, foresight and hope for a healthier Oklahoma serve as an inspiration to us all.

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A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation
The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation
Morningcrest Healthcare Foundation
Osteopathic Founders Foundation
The Honorable Terry and Jeanette Kern
Timothy C. Headington
Elizabeth and Jim Melton, D.O.
Cal and Marilyn Vogt
Pedigo Products, Inc
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O. and Damon L. Baker, D.O.
Justin Chronister, D.O. and Stacy Chronister, D.O.
Kevin Conatser, D.O.
Walli and Bobby Daniel, D.O.
Jean and Gary Goodnight, D.O.
Tammie L. Koehler, D.O. and Duane G. Koehler, D.O.
RJ Langerman Sr, D.O. and RJ Langerman Jr, D.O.
Marnie and William J. Pettit, D.O.
Beverly and Richard Schafer, D.O.
April K. Smith
Penelope and Nabil Srouji, M.D.
Richard C. Staab D.O. Memorial Symposium
Cynthia and Robert Blubaugh, D.O.
Donna and Gary Cannon, D.O.
John S. Deaton, D.O. and Diana T. Deaton, O.D.
Marguerite and O. Keith Enlow, D.O.
Kay and Steve Grigsby, D.O.
Michelle and Ronnie Keith, D.O.
Chris E. Manschreck, D.O.
Phillip A. Nokes, D.O.* and Teresa Nokes
Deborah and Harry Payton, D.O.
E. Beth Walker, D.O. and James S. Walker, D.O.
Lynda and Bob Weeks, D.O.
Patrice Aston, D.O., F.A.A.P.
COL (Ret.) John V. Barson, DO, MPH and Mrs. Gay Lynn Barson
Judy and Paul Bizzle, D.O.
Nita and Billy Bryan, D.O.
Mary Jane and Steven Buck, D.O.
Carol and Paul Caldron, D.O.
Wallace Champlain, D.O.
Linda Fuller, D.O., M.P.H.
Lee Ann and Philip Henbest, D.O.
John C. Hill, D.O.
Gerald M. Martin, D.O.
Lisa K. and Mark P. Snell, D.O.*
Elaine and H. Dean Vaughan, D.O.
Steven Watson, D.O.
Janet and Richard Wood, D.O.
Dr. Jeff and Susan Wright
Lisa and Ronald Bruce, D.O.
Nancy and Jerry Childs, Jr., D.O.
W. Stephen Eddy, D.O.
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Graham, D.O.
Tom Osborn, D.O.*
Kathryn Parks, D.O. and Frank Parks, D.O.
Karen and Bill (Buck) Allen, D.O.
Jenny and J. Steve Ayers, D.O.
Liane and Robert Bender, D.O.
E. Dawn Campbell, D.O.
Betty and Peter Chan, D.O.
Laurie Capehart Clark, D.O.
Pamela and Steven Cox, D.O.
Daria Davidson, D.O. and John Fox
John Drew, D.O.
Jill and Terence Grewe, D.O.*
Janie and Gerald R. Hale, D.O.
Jolynn and Michael Herndon, D.O.
Cynthia Hughes, D.O.
Dennis Hughes, D.O.
Dr. Bobby C. Kang, D.O.
Jack Lennox, D.O. and Sandra Lennox
Dewey McAfee, D.O.
Thomas McAuliff, D.O. and Julie McAuliff
Suzanne and Randall McGivney, D.O.
Karen and Theodore Mickle, D.O. M.P.H., Colonel
Carolyn B. Petrey, D.O.
Kathryn Pifer, D.O. and George Pifer
Peggy and David R. Rittenhouse, D.O.
JoAnn Ryan, D.O.
Cindi and Lawrence Vark, D.O.
Alicia Wilkerson, D.O.
H. Stan Wood, D.O.
Barbara and James Zimmer, D.O.*
Ruth Bennett, D.O. and Mark Bennett
Vicki and R. Michael Eimen, D.O.*
G. Wayne Flatt, D.O.
Lee and Troy Harden, D.O.
Adair and Jay Johnson, D.O.
M. Denice Leonard, D.O.
Douglas Stewart, D.O.
Ruth Thompson, D.O. and Clayton Thompson
Janet Aganad, D.O.
Kola and Douglas Bowden, D.O.
Sheri and Dennis Carter, D.O.*
Teri and Jay Cunningham, D.O.*
Diane and A.J. Deckert, D.O.
Flavia Gusmano, M.D. and Daniel Galvin, D.O.
Deanna and Robert Gaston, D.O.
Michael Keleher, D.O., F.A.O.C.R.
Tammie and David Lovelace, D.O.
James Magnusson, D.O.
Thomas McCombs, D.O.
Donna and Rodney McCrory, D.O.
Melanie and Allen Roseberry, D.O.
Kymberly and Stephen Williams, D.O.
Joseph Braden, D.O. and Deborah Braden
Trish and Mark Gunby, D.O.
Terri and David Keuchel, D.O.
Linda Lantrip, D.O.
Elizabeth and Jim Melton, D.O.*
Trudy J. Milner, D.O.*
Laura and Scott Mitchell, D.O.
Victoria Pardue, D.O. and Ted Rowland, M.D.
Rebecca and Adam Smith, D.O. F.A.C.O.S.*
Susan Steele, D.O.
Lori Battenfield Stewart, D.O.
Bonnie and Matt Stroemel, D.O.
H. Kuper Upchurch, D.O. and Mary Upchurch
Carol Anderson, D.O. and Jon Anderson
Jill and Christopher Billings, D.O.
Mary Lou and Paul Coleman D.O.
Melinda and Kenny Grider, D.O.
Joanie and Timothy Koehler, D.O.
Dawn and Don Marketto, D.O.
Kimberly and B. Dean McDaniel, D.O.
Shelley Wieting, Ph.D and J. Michael Wieting, D.O
*Class Leader
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